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Why Does This Site Exist?

The super short answer is, it's an attempt to make the world better. Except not really the world, the world is fine, it's an attempt to make humans better.

I think humans are… problematic. We believe dumb things and consequently we do dumb things, like having wars and creating corporations and other shit that leads to suffering. The solution is simple, people should stop believing dumb things. The implementation is the tough part. How do we get 8 billion people to stop believing dumb things?

We don't. It's not doable. Especially since most of them think they're human when they're actually just human shaped monkeys with a talent for making up stories. You can't fix your problem if you don't believe you have a problem. All these humonkeys, mistakenly thinking they're already human, don't ever try to become human because they don't know it's necessary.

So I can't fix the world, but I can write down some stuff that's made my life better. And maybe someone else will be read it and use it to make their life better.

And if I can make one person's life better then I've made the world better. 🤞

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