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Hi! I'm Awfki and this is where I plan to write about things that I think are important. And sometimes about random BS, but mostly things that are important. I believe that humanity is doomed if we don't get our shit together and that the only way to get our shit together is by changing society and that the only way to change society is to get everyone to agree on a better philosophy than the current one.

    • Thoughts that I have had and that I think are worth exploring. Thoughts can be long and take side trips.
    • Ideas that I think other people need. Should be as short as possible but no shorter. Should be to the point. Tell them, tell them, tell them.
    • How to meditate, why to meditate, etc.
    • I 💚 books, but I think on this site I'll only write about the ones that strike me in some philosophical way.
    • An untidy mixture of different types of things. I think this will move too.
    • I'm not sure I care enough to write about blood sucking insects but the US and the rest of the world seems to have a lot of people that are hell bent on moving backwards and almost no one gets it right.

* A note about opinions.

This site is permanently under construction and is subject to random notes-to-myself (an excellent book, BTW) left lying all over place, frequently highlighted by FIXME.